Which RestHeart version to choose for Mongodb 5.0

Which RestHeart version to choose for Mongodb 5.0

We are using Mongodb 4.4 and RestHeart 3.6. Now that Mongodb 4.4 is coming to EOL and mongodb atlas clusters will automatically upgrade to Mongodb 5.0 on Feb-29 we have few questions:

Which RestHeart version to choose? It is not clear which RestHeart version supports MongoDB 5.0 RESTHeart - Get Started with RESTHeart v7

We are trying to understand what will be the breaking changes moving up from RestHeart 3.6 to 7.0. We know one thing that RestHeart Hooks (bidclips.restheart.hooks) will not work, but what else?

What is the alternative of org.restheart.metadata.hooks.Hook?

End of life email from MongoDB says " You have X Atlas cluster(s) currently running MongoDB 4.4, which will be automatically upgraded to MongoDB 5.0 on the EOL date, unless you have previously requested and received a temporary extension" … so one more question is how to raise request for temporary extension?