Which M.. tier do I need for my app?

Hey, I’m new to MongoDB,

I have an Ionic App for a local restaurant where you have some prdoucts which you can order. The app also have a register to create some users. There is also a Angular Web App where you can put in products and look up users etc.

Both apps are connected to the MongoDB. Unfortunatelly I don’t have a clue which data plan is necessary for the deployment of these two apps.

Can anybody help me please?

Best regards

Hi Basti,

When in doubt, start small, index, and scale conservatively over time – note that you can also enable Atlas auto-scaling.

The first order contributor to sizing is figuring out how much of your data and indexes will be warm, e.g. accessed in typical period–this tells you your working set size. This is the amount of memory you want to have ideally with some headroom, so this informs what Atlas cluster tier to use.

You can easily scale vertically quickly, and if/when you find a need for long-term linear scale out, you can do so with sharding.

https://docs.atlas.mongodb.com/sizing-tier-selection/ contains a bunch more info!


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