Where to find info about stateful sets and PVCs in mongodb-kubernetes-operator

I have gone through installing mongodb enterprise operator using helm. I also created ops manager. I am familiar with CRDs. Once the ops manager got created, I see other k8s stuff also got created like stateful-sets, pvcs, services etc.
I need to know more about how these things are getting created. We create custom resources and pass the values what we want. But where it is written kind: statefulset or kind: PersistentVolumeclaim ? Stateful sets pods are getting created out of which image, how many containers and init containers are being in use etc etc. Where to check that ?

Is this operator written in go ? The reason I’m asking this is because I have also been given a task to create a K8S operator.
It would be very helpful if someone can guide on this. I need to know the magic behind how operator can create all the required k8s stuff for us.



Is your interest purely wanting to learn how to build an operator, or are you also looking to use the Enterprise Operator to run MongoDB Enterprise Advanced in Kubernetes?

If it’s the latter, the best course of action is to raise a support ticket with your questions - one of our engineers can provide you the answers you need to proceed! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Dan,

At this point of time I’m simply trying to understand the entire working of the MongoDB enterprise operator.
As I am asked to create a fresh new operator in my project, I’m just exploring how to write the code, by taking the example of this MongoDB enterprise operator. The reason I am looking at this operator is because it will be used in our project. We can’t use a helm install to simply install the operator, but we want all CRDs and everything ready at the time of bootstrapping.

I saw that the operator is pulling the image from Quay. Can I get some more info on this ?


Hey, I shared this thread with the team, and someone suggested that you’d benefit from checking out the source code of the community operator (GitHub - mongodb/mongodb-kubernetes-operator: MongoDB Community Kubernetes Operator) since you want to understand how STSes get created.

They also answered some of the specific questions: