Where are the favorites and save pipelines stored for Compass

The docs do not actually say where the saved pipelines are actually stored. One would need to know that in order to share these.

While we are at it, where are the favorites saved.

I need to know this tool because I’d like to be able to offer access to Compass through Citrix.

The Favorites are at C:\Users[user-name]\AppData\Roaming\MongoDB Compass\IndexedDB
The Saved Pipelines are at %APPDATA%/MongoDB Compass/SavedPipelines

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Thank you. I did eventually figure this out for Windows. These directories are a good place to put them because, as I understand it, these directories are generally considered to be visible only to the current user.

Do you know where these files are located on Mac OS?

Mac - ~/Library/Application Support/MongoDB Compass
Linux - $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/MongoDB Compass or ~/.config/MongoDB Compass

Thanks @chris and @Felicia_Hsieh

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Neither paths exist on my Mac. And I run Compass on my mac.

I found the Compass files for Mac in “$HOME/Library/Application Support/MongoDB Compass”

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Yep otherwise known as:

~ == $HOME

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