When will MongoDB version 5.0 be available for shared clusters?

Hi there,

is there a kind of known date/time frame when shared Atlas cluster will be upgraded to version 5.0?
The answer I got from the official support is a little bit vague and I hope that this can be more targeted?

currently MongoDB version 5.0 is not available for free-tier/Sharded clusters. It might take a couple of months time to be released.


Hi Michael,

We typically upgrade the shared tier to the latest major version within a couple of months of that version GA release and importantly a couple of maintenance (patch/bug fix) releases in: I would anticipate the Fall. By the way our new serverless instances in public preview offer an economical way of exploring 5.0 today.



Hi Andrew,

thanks, I checked the serverless instances already out… In this particular case I am looking for an economical path for several dev environments which at some point in time need to be 5.0 …


The new serverless Atlas deployment option is on 5.0 for what it’s worth and very economical for development (but of course I should highlight that it’s in public preview it would be on the lookout for issues)


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