When ever i m populating field in pre middleware so i m got another things in results?

investorSchema.pre("findOneAndUpdate", async function(done){

  const getAllMoney =  this.populate('money');
  console.log("getAllMoney", getAllMoney)
      // const getTotalMoney = await getAllMoney?.map(item => item?.value);
      this._update.totalMoney = await getTotalMoney


The result i got i have search in that alot but not getting any this field.

getAllMoney Query {
  _mongooseOptions: { populate: { money: [PopulateOptions] } },
  _transforms: [],
  _hooks: Kareem { _pres: Map(0) {}, _posts: Map(0) {} },
  _executionStack: null,
  mongooseCollection: Collection {
    collection: Collection { s: [Object] },
    Promise: [Function: Promise],
    modelName: 'Investor',
    _closed: false,
    opts: {
      autoIndex: true,
      autoCreate: true,
      schemaUserProvidedOptions: [Object],
      capped: false,
      Promise: [Function: Promise],
      '$wasForceClosed': undefined
    name: 'investors',
    collectionName: 'investors',
    conn: NativeConnection {
      base: [Mongoose], ..................