What's the meaning of owner id of requester vpc of mongodb atlas?

I’m currently having 3 peering connections, and each of them has the same ‘347958916767’ owner id of requester vpc created by mongodb ATLAS.

They were established by the request from mongodb altas console, and accepted by AWS console side.

And I’d like to know what 347958916767 means.

Whether 347958916767 is my aws account generated by ATLAS, or ATLAS uses the 347958916767 aws account always, or it is a AWS account for each ATLAS user in behalf of ATLAS service itself.

Can anyone explain to me what the owner id of mongodb atlas vpc means?

Hello @Joonghun_Park ,

Please correct me if I am wrong, your MongoDB Atlas deployment used AWS as cloud provider and while using their infrastructure, I believe those numbers are AWS designation used by Atlas internally, thus those numbers are a part of the automation information used by Atlas to manage your deployment.

Is there an issue that you’re facing that you have traced to the use of those numbers?


There was an request to report who is the owner id(which turns out to be ATLAS internal number) from internal security audit in my company. That owner id isn’t one of our maintained aws account list, so that’s why I asked about it.
Thank you for your help!

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