What testing to be covered for MongoDB migration to MongoDB (4.4) Atlas (Azure)

I’m part of Testing Team and completely new to MongoDB and cloud migration. There will be different clusters for different environment

Would need your help on what are the testing scope for MongoDB migration to MongoDB Atlas (Azure).
Below are the few points I came up:
• Collection Names
• No. of docs in the collection
• Avg. size of each doc & Total size of docs in the collection respectively
• No. of Indexes on the collection
• Total size of all the indexes on the collection

Above are just at collection level, but there will be hell lot to cover as part of overall testing. So appreciate if any one has more views on testing coverage.


Hi Sat,

It’s a little unclear what you’re really asking here: are you working on migrating a large-scale self-managed MongoDB deployment over to MongoDB Atlas and aiming to validate that your workload is successful on Atlas before cutting over, that kind of thing?

How large is your database cluster today? Are you working with anyone from MongoDB to help you with this? Depending on the mission criticality and scale of the workload, we might suggest different levels of test coverage.


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