What simple way for change used driver

Hello, I with my team use old mongo driver github.com/globalsign/mgo and we want to change them to official driver go.mongodb.org/mongo-driver.

This drivers (ofcourse) have a different types, and we can’t use both of them. Maybe exists fork in github with adapter from old to new driver.

We cannot rewrite all requests, because it will take a month or more to work. (We really have large number of requests)

Thank you for help!

The company I am working for now faced the same issue.

What we did was have both the mongo drivers installed (mgo and go-mongo-driver). All the newer APIs were re-written to the official mongo driver by the import alias method. Then we gradually re-wrote the existing APIs to the official driver.

The below post was of great help during the migration process:

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward way built-in way of doing this (at least none that I am aware of).


Thank you for your help it was usefull.
I asked this question in mongo-driver jira board and in reply they send to me link to package. This package handle bson from mgo: https://pkg.go.dev/go.mongodb.org/mongo-driver/bson/mgocompat
I just set this property to connect and problems with unmushal to mgo bson was resolved.
Simple example usage:
connOpt := options.Client().SetRegistry(mgocompat.Registry)

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Thanks a lot for the info.

This is a piece of much-needed information.

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