What range of doc scanned to doc returned ratio will be scalable?

          "executionStats": {
            "executionSuccess": true,
            "nReturned": 16,
            "executionTimeMillis": 552,
            "totalKeysExamined": 12114,
            "totalDocsExamined": 2045,

Here is an example of a query run.

totalKeysExamined /  nReturned = 757
totalDocsExamined / nReturned = 128

My Database has a collection with 100K documents totalling 300MB and 3 compound indexes totalling 200mb.

Are these numbers scalable?
If this query represents the most intensive and common query of my APP, how far can it scale?

Are you sure you aren’t wasting more time asking the same question again and again and again…than you would dedicating a few days to make a good analysis of the situation yourself, and finally asking a single, detailed, and useful question?

Just a suggestion.

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