What Python ODM do you use?

I wonder what ODMs are widely used by the community.

I have used MongoEngine and Pymodm with not so good experiences (slow performance and lack of features/updates) and I’d like to hear thoughts on other Python ODMs (the official MongoDB list feels outdated).

Hi Martin!
On my part, as a newby with MongoDB, I am not using any. If you ask me, part of the beauty of a Document DB is that you don’t NEED a ODM.

I use Beanie with motor on the shoulder of pydantic which is working well for me. I am not sure about your use case but I feel these ones are well documented and way better than mongoengine. Fastapi, pydantic and Beanie seem to be closely bound and worked for me as a replacement for mongoengine and flask.
You can check them out here:

Also, since it has been more than a year since you asked this question, I am assuming you might a solution as well. Please provide details of your solution too

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