What is the difference between mongodb-mongosh and mongodb-mongosh-shared-openssl3

Hi Team,

I want to understand the difference between mongodb-mongosh and mongodb-mongosh-shared-openssl3.

Is mongodb-mongosh-shared-openssl3 an improved and better than mongodb-mongosh.

what is the major difference .

{“Thanks and Regards”, “Satya”}

mongodb-mongosh-shared-openssl3 is a package e.g., for Ubuntu to install via apt.

There are two different openssl libraries floating around, the earlier 1.x version disappearing in favor of openssl3 which is the only openssl lib installed by default on most Linux distros these days.

The package name denotes that it’s the cut of mongosh compiled against openssl3.

Also see https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/MONGOSH-1231

Hi @Jack_Woehr

Thanks for the update.

Could you please elaborate.

What are the major pros and cons with shared-openssl3 and why we have to use it and why not mongosh.

{“Thanks and Regards”, “Satya”}

A discussion of OpenSSL versions is beyond the scope of this forum, but you can look at OpenSSL 3.0 Has Been Released! - OpenSSL Blog and decide which versions of OpenSSL and mongosh you wish to use.

Also, I think this is the case:

  • The “shared” versions are using dynamic library loading with their respective ssl version.
  • The non-shared has its openssl library statically linked in.