What is the difference between MongoDB Developer Path and MongoDB DBA?

Hello Members,
I am new to the community and last year CSE Student.
I am going to take one of the MongoDB Certifications. But got confused about which one to take.
Which certification is beneficial for me either MongoDB Developer or MongoDB DBA?
I also want to know about career perspectives of a DB Developer and DBA.
Can you please help?

Welcome @Mansi_Panchal to the community :wave:

You will find many different opinions on this. At the bottom line these are two very different disciplines. You will need to get your hands dirty in both to make a personal decision. As a student I’d recommend to do this via internships - Good to get a feeling what better fits to you and good to build a base for further opportunities.

MongoDB DBA is kind of rare and in case you find a company looking specifically for this you are in a good position, as you can deliver this. However it might be more beneficial to have already a DevOps background before taking this learning path. The learning path is on MonogDB Administration not on learning CI/CD pipelines (to name only one aspect). Also it might be an aspect to think of the current “cloud first / serverless” mainstream this leads to a more developer centric demand.

MongoDB Dev also will not teach you how to code. It will focus on the MongoDB specifics. Since a student most likely spend a lot of time coding, this learning path might add easier value.

In general both paths are very well made and will add value to your skills. As said in the beginning in a first step it will help to find out your personal preferences and skills.

Beyond this I recommend to take both when you want to get deep into the story. Based on experience especially senior (MongoDB) Devs benefit from DBA trainings since this will explain a lot of the “mechanics” which makes the engine so smooth at high performance.

Disclaimer: this is my personal opinion, I like to encourage others to add on or confirm.



Welcome to the forums @Mansi_Panchal!

@michael_hoeller provided some great insight into our different learning paths and associated certifications. For some help making your decision, please check out these resources if you haven’t already:

*Associate DBA Practice Questions
*Associate DBA Study Guide
*Associate Developer Practice Questions
*Associate Developer Study Guide

Hope you find these helpful and good luck on your exam! :smile:


Thank You @michael_hoeller for the detailed response.
It would surely help.

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Thanks @Aiyana_McConnell :smile:

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