What is the best way to export/import chart metadata

I installed MongoDB Charts on an EC2 instance for development environment, and I created some charts; some trial-errors and some good ones… then I embedded the good ones into our web app.

This looks great and promising!

Now I need to create a demo environment, what is the best way to export charts and import into new environment?

p.s. I do not want to export/import the development database, since there so so many garbage data in it.

Any feedback is highly appreciated, thank you.

Hi Kay

Glad you’re enjoying Charts! A feature to export and import individual dashboards is on our roadmap for later in the year. In the meantime I’m afraid the only options are to copy your entire metadata database, or recreate the charts you want from scratch. If you choose to do the former, make sure to copy all databases in the cluster, as well as the mongodb-charts_keys Docker volume.



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