What is the best liquibase plugin for mongo

I saw there are some liquibase plugin for mongodb, such as MongoDB - contribute.liquibase.com or GitHub - liquibase/liquibase-mongodb: MongoDB extension for Liquibase
Are they good approach? which one to choose? does someone use such kind of extension? how do they integrate?
we have a java spring boot application for information
Thank you

Hi @Veronique_Loutelier,

I am the Developer Advocate at Liquibase and wanted to help with your question.

There are two options within the Liquibase ecosystem:

  1. Community extension
  2. Liquibase MongoDB Pro Extension

For the Community extension, you found the right information but here’s a better link for the tutorial:

As of Liquibase 4.21+ with Liquibase Pro, you also have the option to use the MongoDB Pro Extension, which is officially supported by Liquibase. One of the key highlights is:

Native support for MongoSH. Like Liquibase’s support for embedded SQL scripts, it now supports embedded MongoSH scripts. This means seamless developer adoption. New teams get the power of Liquibase using existing MongoSH scripts – no changes needed.

You can see more about the Liquibase MongoDB Pro Extension here:

I hope that’s helpful. Feel free to ping me if you have any questions.

- PJ
Developer Advocate
pj at liquibase dot com


Hi @PJ_Julius

I 'm trying your liquibase tutorial for mongodb and i’m facing an error
Mongodb cannot execute liquibase.statement.core.CreateTableStatement

For my seconde test i’m trying to use mongosh and then also I face an error
Unable to locate Executor mongosh for changeset
even if i followed the tutorial and I added a liquibase pro licence.

I also have a question for my culture since when liquibase support mongo and also allow mongosh

Thank you