What is best practice to fetch and process data with AltasCloudDB in Browser?

I have roughly studied the MongoDB Atlas, and I feel it’s very handy for starting a new project. as a front-end developer, I am not experienced in back-end tech stack I have to use Node.js Express or Koa as a middle layer to process and fetch data. is that a common way to interact with Mongodb Atlas in the browser end?

Hello @Yoha_Li, Welcome to the MongoDB community forum,

It is up to your requirement for a particular project, There are so many languages has official driver libraries for MongoDB, you can follow the link,

Recent and trading feature of the Atlas is Data API and Custom Data API, they don’t require any server to deploy your code, you can just integrate your JS code with functions, triggers and do operations in your DB, and connect with your custom APIs, so you can call those APIs in your frontend, refer the link for more details:

You can follow the tutorials and demos in the developer center,

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That means Mongodb Altas has provided a set of out-of-box features as a back-end infrastructure, so we do not only need Express.js(self-deployment), Altas has covered this server layer for us?

That is correct, and it’s a serverless API :slight_smile:

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