What does planSummary null mean?

I was trying to build a small watcher on the mongodb to monitor the querries and performance. I went ahead with the currentOp aggregation pipeline and use that to get the status at regular cadence and analyse it based on querries running with correct index and time taken by querries as well to see potential scope to optimise them.
I am checking planSummary field to check for index and i saw a few results with planSummary:null
I understand what COLSCAN and IXSCAN mean but i am not able to understand what null is.
Found this in documentation but its not much help:https://www.mongodb.com/docs/manual/reference/command/currentOp/#mongodb-data-currentOp.planSummary
Can someone please help me understand what this means?

Any command that filters data should have an associated plan. Can you share an example of a currentOp that has a null plan?

Just took another look, those are insert commands. Forgot to filter those out. I think I am not handling the planSummary correctly.

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