What best way to use $in for golang and mongo?

In documentation i haven’t found any example of it.
In mongo bash (Compass), i use it

db.inventory.find( { quantity: { $in: [ 5, 15 ] } }, { _id: 0 } )

and it works, but if i use this code in golang, i get null:

type List struct {
	SortKey   string  `json:"sortKey"`
	SortValue int64   `json:"sortValue"`
	Limit     int64   `json:"limit"`
	Skip      int64   `json:"skip"`
	Arr        []int64 `json:"body"`
opts := options.Find().SetProjection(bson.M{"username": 1, "title": 1}).SetLimit(data.Limit).SetSkip(data.Skip).SetSort(bson.D{{Key: data.SortKey, Value: data.SortValue}})
	filter := bson.M{"field": bson.M{"$in": data.Arr}}
	cursor, _ := users.Find(ctx, filter, opts)
	cursor.All(ctx, &list)

If i remove filter := bson.M{“field”: bson.M{"$in": data.Arr}}, then it works, but with it no…