What Authentication Method to Use?

I’m fairly new to setting up and managing my own database for my application.

Quick rundown - for now all that I really need is users being able to read specified data which I’m doing through https endpoints, currently with anonymous authentication.

I’m not currently planning on writing any of the user’s application data which is stored locally. I would like to, as a start for understanding all of this as well as for metrics, keep a tab on how many unique users have used the application, maybe a running count of times they’ve opened it, and the most recent date they opened it.

I also don’t really want to add an actual login (email/pass, fb, google) to the application startup if it’s not necessary.

My first thought was adding in some way of generating unique ids or data in my application’s startup logic and putting that into the request body for the authentication token while still using anonymous authentication. Is this something that would make sense in my scenario?

Obviously, there may well not be a foolproof way of differentiating because users could swap devices, networks, use VPNs, etc, but as I said, at least for now, I’m really just looking for a rough and dirty metrics mechanism.

Hi @Zachary_Mitchell and welcome to MongoDB community forums!!

Based on the above information you have shared, if I understand correctly, you are trying to implement an authentication method for your application without any specific login systems.
If I understand correctly, could you help me understand if you are using an Official MongoDB driver or using a custom https endpoint ?

Warm Regards