Webhook URL not working after 3rd party service setting

Hi Team,

I am using https://realm.mongodb.com and already setup 3rd party service.
During the course of setting the service , I have the WebHook URL as below:


Note :
Service name is : getKitsSecret (http)
WebHook Name : GetSecretWebhook
Authentication : Application Authentication is selected

Now when I hit the above URL, I am getting following error:
{“error”:“no authentication methods were specified”,“error_code”:“InvalidParameter”,“link”:“MongoDB Realm”}

Am I missing any thing? Can you please help


Try setting the auth to system (which is full access) then see if you can use postman to hit the url.
you should also be able to test it in the console. (i dont work for mongodb) just a fellow user. Also everytime you make changed you need to save AND deploy… its a 2 step process.