Warning: The script reshapeData.js invert the order of the Geolocation for Actor1, Actor2 and Action

Hi @Joe_Drumgoole @Shane_McAllister @Mark_Smith @nraboy

I would like to warn you of something that I think may lead to confusion.

In the Videos MongoDB World 2022 Hackathon first they download the file masterfilelist.txt to download multiples *.export.CSV.zip to after use mongoimport.sh

to import the initial data in the collection eventscsv.

After they use reshapeData.js to get the collections events from the collection eventscsv but they invert the order of the Geolocation for Actor1, Actor2 and Action.

For example:

- GDELT2.eventscsv

    FILTER: {"GlobalEventId" : 1043574262}

    GlobalEventId 1043574262

    ActionGeo_Lat -26.0833

    ActionGeo_Long 28.25

    ActionGeo_FeatureID 204226

- GDELT2..events

    FILTER: {"GlobalEventId" : 1043574262}

    Action > Geo > coordinates > Array
                    0     28.25.    <=== ActionGeo_Long
                    1    -26.0833   <=== ActionGeo_Lat

I think it would have been better to store the Latitude in the Array at index 0 and the Longitude at index 1 to maintain a format similar to the previous one.

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I believe that is the way GeoJSON is stored by default in mongoDB.

See the documentation


Thank you @Fiewor_John I thought it was a mistake


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