Want to make correct UserSchema for BlogWebsite

hello guys,
I have UserSchema that has 3 fields right now (email, password, username) . I want Username not to be required:true, and Username.value equals to email.value by default. Help me please who knows how to solve this.
Or maybe it will be better to create separate schema Email for both fields??

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Hi @Oleg_Khalanskii,

You can do this with pre middleware. You can do it like this:

const UserSchema = new Schema({
  email: { type: String, required: true, unique: true },
  password: { type: String, required: true },
  username: { type: String } 

UserSchema.pre('save', (next) => {
  this.username = this.get('email');

You can read more here: Mongoose v6.9.1: Middleware.

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