Want to be Featured on the MongoDB Community Showcase on Twitch?

Hello Devs! Do you have an application that you’ve built that uses MongoDB that you want to share with the Developer Community at large? We are looking for developers and projects to showcase on the official MongoDB Twitch channel. We are looking for a diverse set of projects and developers to join us. No Twitch or professional coding experience is required! Our job is to make you and your project shine for the world!

Wondering what our Community Showcase looks like? Checkout these recent broadcasts:

Reply to this thread with a brief introduction of your project, and a link to your source code!


Does this mean you primaly are looking for open source projects? Or projects that can showcase their codebase? Haven’t checked those previous Community Showcases, so not sure how code centric they have been. :slight_smile:

Great question @kerbe! The project not being open source isn’t a deal breaker, be it is definitely preferred. If there is no code to discuss directly, the showcase can feel too abstract and “sales-y” to our viewers. However, if you are willing and able to discuss details about the code and project, then we would definitely consider bringing it on! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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