Vulnerability with dependecy of gobuffalo/genny in MongoDB go driver

Recently our Dependecy Security analysis tool detected the following vulnerability:

Dependency: Vulnerability: A message-forgery issue was discovered in crypto/openpgp/clearsign/clearsign.go in supplementary Go cryptography libraries 2019-03-25. According to the OpenPGP Message Format specification in RFC 4880 chapter 7, a cleartext signed message can contain one or more optional "Hash" Armor Headers. The "Hash" Armor Header specifies the message digest algorithm(s) used for the signature. However, the Go clearsign package ignores the value of this header, which allows an attacker to spoof it. Consequently, an attacker can lead a victim to believe the signature was generated using a different message digest algorithm than what was actually used. Moreover, since the library skips Armor Header parsing in general, an attacker can not only embed arbitrary Armor Headers, but also prepend arbitrary text to cleartext messages without invalidating the signatures.

I tracked this dependecy all way up to its parents and apparently this dep is used by the current version of MongoDb Driver: > >

It was detected as a medium vulnerability, so probably it’s not a big deal. But I want to be sure if there’s something I should be worried about, is there? False positive maybe?

More details:

The recently released Go driver v1.7.5 removes the dependency and may also resolve the impact of the linked CVE on the Go driver.

Try updating your Go driver dependency to v1.7.5 and see if that resolves that CVE warning.