Vscode connect mongodb Altas

Hello team, when I try to use vscode to connect Altas always appear errors below:
“Unable to connect: connection to closed”. I do no know how to check the detail errors. But when I tried to use Compass ,it is ok. Why this happened? And my connect link is :“mongodb+srv://myAtlasDBUser:XXXXX@myatlasclusteredu.ogfwmz4.mongodb.net”. is it the same as Compass ,right? Thanks for your help~

Yes, the connection string is the same one you’d use in Compass. Are you able to connect with Compass?

Thanks Massimiliano, the compass is still good on windows 11.Then I think it need to install on Ubuntu on my WSL first, then run the below command is working. (mongosh -u myAtlasDBUser -p XXXXX mongodb+srv://myAtlasDBUser:XXXXX@myatlasclusteredu.ogfwmz4.mongodb.net/sample_airbnb). I finally replacement the pure windows ENV to Linux :wink: