VSC MongoDB Extension 1.70 and Debug Auto Attach


So there were so changes the to terminal and it’s shell integration in VSC 1.70, well they were in the earlier versions, but are now on by default from VSC 1.70

9:18 Terminal updates.

Ok. So I have in VSC debugger on auto attach = always, and I don’t think it was doing this before 1.70, but I cannot be sure. Since I only just got it working.

When I launch a mongodb shell, from the extensions connections options: -


With Auto Attach = Always

I get the following issue, which pauses the connection process to the database. If I disconnect the debugger session it continues. What I can’t remember if it was doing that before :-

Have the changes in 1.70 caused a change to the MongoDB extension

PS - Can you please fix the issue with the options popping up in the command palette, when I click on the MongoDB icon in the extensions bar.

PPS - Can we give this extension some love from within MongoDB. It has really stopped still recently.