VSC extension 0.5


So, I just had a look and wondered if this is what I am meant to seeing?

From the #267, I wasn’t sure if I was expected to see support for depreciated commands, in the same vein as how JSDocs comments can flag depreciated functions, within VSCode?

I like the link to each commands webpage, that’s useful. Not sure if it was there before.

Thanks all the same.

Thank you for checking out the new version of the extension and sharing your feedback.

The ultimate goal is to indicate that those commands are deprecated – or exclude them completely – but since the backend that provides the runtime for playgrounds is mongosh, the MongoDB Shell and those commands are available but deprecated at the moment they are still listed.

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  1. Sorry, I was wondering if I should have seen the copyDatabase appear with a strike through the command text?

  2. Regarding what is show as depreciated - Doesn’t the server version that the user is connecting to dictate the commands that are available?

    Therefore, if I am connecting to a 3.6 server and I was using a command that only came available in 4.2 … mmmmm. So VSC playground would allow it, but the MongoDB server would bounce the command?

    Does the mongosh know what commands available in which version, and if so, it could flag commands which are unavailable based upon the server the user is connected to.

    However, if something is depreciated, it maybe useful to highlight the version it was depreciated in e.g.

    db.copyDatabase “Depreciated 3.6”.

  3. I think to exclude depreciated commands, when you might be using a script which is going to run against an older version of the server, might be a bit of own goal. Don’t assume that on premise servers will get upgraded that often.

It does get hairy very quickly.