VS Code Plugin random disconnects

Visual Studio Code plugin randomly disconnecting.

 Version: 1.91.0 (Universal)
Commit: ea1445cc7016315d0f5728f8e8b12a45dc0a7286
Date: 2024-07-01T18:54:18.541Z
Electron: 29.4.0
ElectronBuildId: 9728852
Chromium: 122.0.6261.156
Node.js: 20.9.0
OS: Darwin arm64 23.5.0

MongoDB for VS Code`v1.6.0

VS Code Plugin for VS Code randomly disconnects from Atlas clusters whether shared tier clusters or even an enterprise cluster.

It’s completely random and noticed across 7 MacBooks and 4 Windows PCs. It impacts private free tier clusters and paid for clusters up to M20.

It’s not network related on our end, verified by the fact none of us are even in the same state, and three of us aren’t even in North America. Let alone connecting to the same Atlas regions via our private testing environments. Otherwise it’s the AWS in Germany we use for company side.

It hasn’t had that dramatic of an impact to our production, but it doesn’t seem to be a timeout as it would be random even when committing changes or just a few minutes after committing a change and going to send other changes etc. Or just using the tools in VS Code and suddenly it’s disconnected.