VPC peering limit

VPC peering limit to our shared network in Google Cloud has been reached.
We have been creating mongo atlas project for each customer / environment (dev/prod)
1 customer - 2 projects. 10 customers - 20 projects. Peering limit is 25.
What could be the suggestions to decrease the amount of peering connections without having to migrate clusters between the projects or having significant downtime?
Can I define a whitelist just for a specific cluster inside the project?

Hi Andrei,

Can you break out the app tier into VPC per customer just like you’ve structured the data tier?

Alternatively, you can use public IP access list management instead of VPC peering: the downside of this is that you’d want to get static IP(s) for your app tier but there is no additional latency or cost in this model (often times folks assume the opposite).


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