VPC Peering - AWS VPC to 2 Atlas Projects?

Same problem here as → VPC peering from one aws vpc to 2 atlas projects?

The same CIDR block for both Mongo projects can’t be used in the same AWS VPC.

Can you recommend any way around this without downtime?

Is Private Link a better way for example? We really need to get this up for security reasons.

// Viktor

Atlas Private Endpoints (which implement PrivateLink on AWS) definitely offer a path forward.
Also be aware that you can pre-configure the CIDR block of an Atlas-side project VPC in the VPC Peering modal before any clusters or peering connections are enabled for that project. Once a cluster is deployed, a default CIDR is used

I stumbled across one more question when trying to add Private Link instead.

My AWS VPC is configured with 1 Public and 1 Private subnet in each availability zone.
But the Private Link configuration seems to be limited to on subnet per ava. zone.

How should I handle this?

// Viktor

The endpoint looks good from this end. But still not working.

Hi Viktor, please open a support case to get to the bottom of this one