Virtual Roundtable Discussion: The Best and Worst of Meetup Events

Hi all,

I’m hosting a virtual roundtable discussion this week to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of meetup group events. Please join me for a robust discussion around what’s great and not-so-great about user groups. I’m hopeful that this will be a fruitful discussion of fun stories, lessons learned, and encouragement for all our members to consider joining or even starting their own user group in their region. This will also be a great place to brainstorm new ideas for virtual sessions that you’d like to see presented in our Global Virtual Community group’s weekly sessions.

The format of this session will be informal - like an unconference session. If you’ve never attended an unconference, the idea is that someone volunteers to facilitate discussion amongst the other attendees. There is no set agenda, so the flow of ideas and conversation happens more naturally. So, bring your ideas, your stories, your gripes, and your celebrations to share with the group.


Even if you can’t attend, please give a shout out about this event on your various social channels to get the word out and encourage our fellow MongoDB’ers to join us.

See you there!



Just curious before I sign up. I do not have a lot of meetup experience. I have attended a few meetups in the past but stopped going; usually because I find them too late in the evening (a big win for the virtual meetups). Plus the events themselves were not what I was expecting.
Therefore I just wanted to ask before joining the round table if more experience would be needed to participate in the discussion?


Hi @Natac13 from the sounds of things, this is going to be an open forum and those in attendance can participate freely. My guess is that they would welcome the unexperienced voice as much as they would those with deep experience.


Hi @Natac13, @Doug_Duncan is exactly right. We would benefit from your presence in this conversation as we’re looking to foster a discussion around meetups and your experience is just as important as any meetup connoisseur. In fact, I would say that your comments reflect exactly the kinds of feedback we’re looking to discuss. If I were the organizer of those events, I’d want to know more. The timing isn’t great - how do we accommodate? The expectations weren’t right - how do we communicate better? We’d absolutely love for you to attend this session.