Verify token on Atlas return always User Not Found

I’m trying to verify the user token via my server, the android app sends the token to the server after retrieving it from:


in the server I get the token to access to the admin api adding in the body the public and private key of organization owner (added to the project) by

then ask to admin api, adding the bearer token got in previous step to the header and the token of the user in the body of request$realmProjectId/apps/$realmAppId/users/verify_token

I always get this response: 404 {“error”:“user not found”}

The client app is an android app using realm sdk in kotlin version 1.9.1 and the server is a ktor server.

Thanks to anyone who can help me

What does the body you send to users/verify_token look like?

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Hi, thanks for you reply.
I have solved the issue checking the body content, that just was the wrong token.

Thank you for your help