Vector search prefilter doesn't work

I’ve created a vector index on our collection with the following definition:

  "fields": [
      "numDimensions": 1536,
      "path": "attributes.professional_background_embedding",
      "similarity": "cosine",
      "type": "vector"
      "path": "attributes.create_at",
      "type": "filter"

However, when I perform the following filter:

"filter": {
 "attributes.created_at": { "$gte": dateNumber }

it throws the following error: Path ‘attributes.created_at’ needs to be indexed as number

What I’m missing in the definition of my index or what I’m doing wrong in my filter,

Thank you in advance

Hello @ALEX_BERROCAL welcome to the community!

I’m double checking some things, but in the mean time I see that in the path you have “attributes.create_at” and in the query you have “attributes.created_at”

Are you missing a “d” or do you have a “d” where you should not?


That was it, I went a day without realizing my mistake, I must be more careful

Thank you Benjamin!!

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