Validation Schema Rules

Hi All,

So RealmDB is very type specific :+1: :clap:

  1. Is there a way in the schema to define an either or type
    (a) I have a field that could be either double or int, however it appears I can only have bsonType: double OR bsonType int Thereis reference in the docs to a bsonType: ["double, โ€œintโ€] but then it complains the schema is invalid with Sync.?
    (b) similarly having a bsontype object, optional true, does not allow for null so can one have bsontype [object, null], again doing so Sync says itโ€™s invalid ?

  2. [Run Valiation] only tests against the first 1,000 records. How can I run validation against the entire collection 178,000 records. I have tried upping the value to 4000 and then get a timeout error?

  3. I have a field where the key:value, key is a unique variable string , value always an integer
    so something:
    userLogins: [
    name: 1,
    nameB, 8,
    nameC: 12
    How does one write the schema for a variable key?

Thanks in advance

did you got a way to solve?
iโ€™m in the same trouble