Using PSA replicaset as mongosync source

We’ve been using a 3-node PSA replicaset config as the mongosync source without noticing any issues. However, I recently noticed this statement in the mongosync FAQ:

The source replica set must have more than 2 non-arbiter nodes and you must sync from a non-arbiter node.

Is this saying that there needs to be 3+ non-arbiter nodes in the setup in order to use it as a mongosync source? Is this still a requirement in the latest versions of mongosync or does it possibly work with just one primary and one secondary (and an arbiter)?

Ho @Sean_Ayres,
From what the documentation says, it seems that your statement is correct. But if the synchronization is done by taking data from the primary, logically, I suppose it doesn’t create problems.
Maybe wait for a response from someone who has used it for this kind of use case or as soon as I get a chance, I will do some testing.