Using mongodump on time series collection throws error regarding meta-data

Mongo 6.X on RHEL with mongodump 100.9.3.
Here is what I did followed by the error:
mongodump (connection) --query=‘{“obTime”: {“$gte”: {“date”: “2024-03-07T:23:59:59”}}}’
And mongo said:
“mongodump only processes queries on metadata fields for timeseries collection”

Okay, so my meta-data field is an “id” field (not _id, but our own id) and obTime is the field that I used as my time series date field. In some way, can I use a regex to effectively say all meta-data? I want to get records from a certain time, how do I just specify . or % or something to satisfy the meta-data requirement for mongodump?

I ended up using mongoexport which is far slower, but at least it didn’t have the metadata restriction like mongodump (currently has). Time series is good, but I think it was released a little early possibly?

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