Using MongoDB + GridFS for storing audio/video metadata

Hi, community!

I am currently researching a scalable solution to associate metadata to audio & video files, as well as the own project file type we’ll be using in a multi-platform app. Metadata will allow the user to find specific content within the app by sorting by type of audio, music, genres, full-text search, and so on.

Some audio/video file formats support metadata storing but not all of them. The idea would be to tie specific attributes to specific files, to allow filtering & text search. This would require to have a database that links to files along with the metadata.

Since there are multiple ways to achieve this (I have done it with SQLite3 but was a bit cumbersome and rigid), I’d like to know if anyone had worked on a MongoDB solution. Also, after looking into GridFS and MongoDB realm, it would be great to have auto-synchronization of content & metadata across multiple devices.

Happy to hear your thoughts!
Thank you in advance for your help & insights.