Using mongodb community in a server

I have had a queation thats been bothering me for awhile, please note i am a beginner learning how to work with mongodb. I have been learning how to use mongodb atlas and i use it alot, however can i instead use mongodb comunity edition on my server instead of atlas?

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You can learn to develop with MongoDB using Atlas, a deployment of MongoDB on your own server, or both. A key difference is that Atlas takes care of common administrative and operational challenges (installing, configuring, securing, monitoring, scaling, …) so you can focus on getting started with development against a deployment set up with best practices. Atlas also allows you to manage your deployment(s) and configuration via UI or API; installation in your own server environment will generally involve working with command line tools.

If you want to install MongoDB into your own server environment, see:

If you want to learn more about the operational side of MongoDB, I highly recommend taking some of the free online courses at MongoDB University. For example, M103: Basic Cluster Administration will give you insight and practice setting up local deployments from scratch including standalone, replica sets, and sharded clusters. The M103 course is part of a DBA Learning Path which includes other important topics like Performance, Security, and Diagnostics & Debugging.


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