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As a Java guy, this sounds like it’s aimed at me, but when I get to the second page, I find I need to know Kotlin, so it’s just another time waster.

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Having a lot of experience with the Realm Kotlin SDK, and Java SDK, and experience with the MongoDB Java Driver, overall Kotlin is eventually going to overtake new server-side projects on a global scale simply because it’s easier for people to learn, and allows easier transitions from device to device, and service to service without replacing older Java codebases.

But I think the bigger limitation you’ll find is the slow adoption rate of a Kotlin Driver, and most likely will be something to push towards the Realm/Device Sync Customers for a “One Language” for mobile and server side sales approach.

But this will cause use-case confusion between the Driver and the SDK like is seen with Node.JS. If MongoDBs team is not making efforts to educate the customers about the difference between the Driver intended for backend/server side, vs the SDK intended for client/edge side, it’s only going to tick off customers when they experience and see behaviors that aren’t fitting at all to what they expect. Or the security risks/protections associated with either product.

Java Driver gets away with minimal issues because of its age and known use/education behind it. But Kotlin traditionally is taught as a edge device/mobile/desktop/client side programming language vs server side.

Before thinking about Kotlin support, focus on making sure the non-reactive Java driver is fully compatible with virtual threads that are coming in Java 21.