Using Mongo Source Connector only with json (without schema registry)

Hi, all!

I’m looking for the way to use Mongo Source Connector without schema registry because I want to consume the data from Kafka with just json type.
However, I’ve known that setting config about schema registry is essential when I make Kafka Connect and Mongo Source Connectors.

What I tried to do was write dummy url in schema registry url, and it worked!
But the problem is that the messages from Kafka, when I try to consume, are broken a little bit like below:

  {"_id": {"_id": ...

I think �� has to be removed if it is proper message.
Is there any way to use Mongo Source Connector only through JSON string?

can you provide your source configuration? I think your converters are not set correctly. Should be set to something like


Thanks a lot! It works with SimpleJsonConverter.