Using Dashboard Filters Based On Lookup Values

Hi community,

We are looking to update our dashboard with dashboard filters, but the field we want to filter by is not stored in the main source collection. To make it more concrete our dashboard is based on the collection “transactions”, which includes client UIDs but not their names. To get their names we need to run a lookup from another collection called “clients”. When building the main charts it’s easy to run a lookup to the filter results based on relevant clients only. However we would like to do the same for the overall dashboard itself (e.g., looking at historical transactions for one specific client rather than all historical clients). At the moment we can only filter based on client UIDs at dashboard level which is quite cumbersome.

Thus my question, is there a way to include lookup field in the options for filters at dashboard level?

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Unfortunately you can’t add dashboard filters for fields added to individual charts. However you can solve your problem by adding the lookup to a pipeline in a “Charts view” (added from the data sources page). This will bake the lookup into the data source and allow you to use it in a dashboard filter.

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Thanks we had done exactly that!