user.refreshCustomData() is undefined

I have a function that updates a users custom data and I would like to get the updated object after the function returns a 201. Based on the docs I should be able to call app.currentUser.refreshCustomData();.

However, when I try to call that it just gives the error of activeUser.refreshCustomData is not a function and I know that activeUser is a user as I can call functions and get the custom data from it.

I’m getting the same issue with refreshCustomData as well as linkCredentials, but only when debugging is open.

I believe it’s a known issues and they’re working on it - but it is making my life very difficult to get my application running on time and on budget.

Also to add on another note:

export function _anonymousRPC()

trying to create anonymous credentials with debugging open can result in errors - you need to manually edit the realm node_modules/realm/lib/browser/rpc.js file and change undefined to [] for both the arguments and the return deserialize function.

Did you find a solution to this?

I have been trying to solve this for a bit now, double-checked settings in Realm UI but still can’t access custom data or refresh it.