User in MongoSH, but in PyMongo No User

I am using MongoSH and PyMongo within Visual Code on WSL. I have successfully accessed the cluster from MongoSH, but PyMongo seems to be successfully accessing some cluster but one that doesn’t have my username.
For the following code in PyMongo:
print(db.command({ ‘connectionStatus’: 1 }))
The response is:
{‘authInfo’: {‘authenticatedUsers’: , ‘authenticatedUserRoles’: }, ‘ok’: 1.0},
but for
db.runCommand({ connectionStatus: 1 }) in MongoSH, I get
authInfo: {
authenticatedUsers: [ { user: ‘natanmelzer’, db: ‘admin’ } ],
authenticatedUserRoles: [ { role: ‘readWriteAnyDatabase’, db: ‘admin’ } ]
ok: 1
How is this possible, and how can I fix it?



(or however you get your MongoClient instance)
print(db.command({'connectionStatus': 1}))

works for me.

This helped me snap out of trying to run PyMongo using the Shell, and got me to just use the connection string in PyMongo, which I should have done all along.

Thank you so much! Let me try it!

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