Use findOneAndDelete function


I come back with a new question.

With my android application, I call a function (Delete_Article_In_Fridge). This function have to find and delete an object (0, 1, 2 …) in an Array (called Fridge) inside a collection (customer).

Inside the customer collection.

Of course I arrive to call my fonction with 2 arguments (email account, id object). But i don’t find how to search the id in the arrayn which means say to the function search the object x inside the array Fridge.

Does anyone have an idea ?
Thank’s in advance.

Your function will need to be passes the name of the product you want to remove, together with either the _id or the email of the users. You should then be able to use the $pull operator on your fridge array:

Note that findOneAndDelete would remove the entire user document.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your answer and your time.
While I was reading your answer, I understood that I was probably not so clear.

I would like to use a function from realm web site.
An example :

I guess pull function doesn’t exist cause I didn’t find it.
Is it exact ?


After make research … and trying to understand your answer (which is completely correct), I found the answer.

const update = { 
    {"fridge": {
      "product": product,
      "expirationDate": expDate

Thank you.