Usage on big quantity of text data?

Hello, I need to host numerous(>20,000,000, >150GB) text data and serve it to the application servers, is MongoDB suitable for this kind of usage? If not, is there a well-established solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @brlin welcome to the community!

That should be no problem, I used MongoDB for TextSearches with more than 2 Terra Byte in RAM. That was not the smallest machine :wink: . But a good end result will be mainly driven by a well fitting schema and indexes. When your plans come to a more concrete state, feel free to post your questions here. We will try to help.

Beside this, I’d recommend getting Professional Advice to plan a deployment of this size. There are many considerations, and an experienced consultant can provide better advice with a more holistic understanding of your requirements. Some decisions affecting scalability (such as shard key selection) are more difficult to course correct once you have a significant amount of production data.



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