Urgent Issue requires immediate action to fetch access logs for self managed mongodb community edition version

Dear Support Team,

I am writing to you under critical circumstances that require your urgent attention and support.

We recently became aware of data exposure concerning one of our valuable customers. It resulted in unfortunate data exposure that has heightened the need for immediate action on our end. We are currently running a community edition of MongoDB as a docker container on our local development environment.

In the interest of conducting a thorough audit and incident analysis, we are in urgent need of detailed access logs from the past week. This includes, but is not limited to, the executed queries and the associated IP addresses. Regrettably, as we did not configure the profiler level or verbose logging initially, we are facing challenges in fetching these necessary logs for our internal audit and to take appropriate mitigation steps.

Given the seriousness of the situation, we sincerely request your immediate assistance in this matter. We are aware that this might involve additional support costs, and we are prepared to meet these expenses in order to rectify the situation and reassure our customers of their data’s safety.

We highly appreciate your prompt attention to this critical issue and look forward to your support in addressing it.

Best Regards,
Vibhas Sharma

if such logging is not enabled, i’m not sure how mongodb support can help.