[URGENT] https://charts.mongodb.com/ is inaccesible

Our important client’s 24/7 charting and monitoring system is down, and all because of a javascript bug that appears to be from mongodb charts platform and not from our company

Please help

apparently the whole domain (charts.mongodb.com) is having the syntax error problem

https://charts.mongodb.com/ doesn’t work in any browser, even in incognito mode, or on phone

both the main page of MongoDB Charts and the Charts that have been created do not work and everything appears blank due to a very simple javascript error

Hi @Hugo_Jerez,

Apologies for the inconvenience. We had issues when we were planning a release couple of hours back. The issue was identified and fixed.

This should not be happening now. Can you please confirm if you are still seeing the issue?

I’m seeing a blank page with

Charts is working now

We have fixed the issue. @Hugo_Jerez Can you please verify?

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everything is working fine since hours ago, thank you very much!

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