Upgrading from 4.0 to 4.4 using mongodump

Hello Tim

We need to do a upgrade from mongoDB 4.0 to mongoDB 4.4.
( the 4.2 version have a big problem with backup PIT ).
We want to perform a mongodump on one database ( using the 100.5.1 version ) under mongoDB 4.0 and perform a mongorestore ( using also the 100.5.1 version ) of the database under a mongoDB 4.4 version.
The mongo support wrote that it is possible but not really supported.
May you help us to understand what is supported and what is not supported using this method od backup/restore.
It is important for us to have a support for this procedure.
Many Thanks.

Hi @Patrick_Baranes, using mongorestore to restore a 4.0 dump to 4.4 is not supported. See more here: https://docs.mongodb.com/database-tools/mongorestore/#restore-to-matching-server-version

The reason for this is that collection options, index options, and oplog entry formats can change between versions. We do not test dump/restore from different versions so we cannot guarantee that it will work correctly in all cases. Because of this, it is not officially supported.

However, even though it’s not officially supported, in most cases it will probably work just fine. This is what support meant when they said it’s “possible but not really supported”. It is possible to do, but it’s not recommended.

The recommended upgrade procedure is to upgrade to 4.2, and then upgrade to 4.4, following the upgrade instructions for those versions:

I hope that helps.

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