Upgrade from shared to serverless

I’ve created an account with a shared plan (I’m on a free tier now), but I need to upgrade to the serverless plan.
On my account the only option that I see is a button (For production throughput and richer metrics, upgrade to a dedicated cluster now!) that brings me to select Dedicated or Shared, nothing else.

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Hey Andrea, I’m a PM on the Atlas team and we are actively exploring creating an upgrade path from a shared cluster to serverless! Could you tell me more about your use case? Please feel free to DM me if you’d prefer.

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I dont think you can upgrade to serverless, you will need to create a new database and migrate your data.

The issue with serverless is that it doens’t support Realm functions and triggers, otherwise I too would have moved over to serverless.

I’m ok creating a new database, but how can I create a serverless database within my existing account?

In Atlas you should be able to create a new database, selected serverless
There should be a big green create button.


You will then need to use the cli to dump your data out, then use the cli to connect to your serverless and “dump” it back in… this is possible, have not done it, but many tutorials online to show you.

I thought that I needed to “enable” a serverless plan first.

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