Updating a collection

hey i have the following input (a list of json) for each json i have the “id” (job_id) and vendors (an array)
[{"_id": 29, “vendors”: [{“vendor”: “unix”, “count”: 20917, “products”: [{“product”: “libzstd”, “count”: 3}, {“product”: “minidlna”, “count”: 5}, {“product”: “lprng”, “count”: 1}, {“product”: “gtk+3.0”, “count”: 1}, {“product”: “ledgersmb”, “count”: 4}, {“product”: “scala”, “count”: 1}, {“product”: “zoph”, “count”: 8}, {“product”: “coccinelle”, “count”: 1}, {“product”: “etherape”, “count”: 1}]}]}]
i want to update my document i have created by job_id
the document format have the following format
for each job_id in the json list i want to update the ‘vendors’ fields (as an array ) and renaming each singular vendor and product by vendor_1 ,product_1 … depending on the number of vendor and product thanks

Please see